AWS – Database Services

So the database domain include the below services :

  • RDS : RDS stands for Relational database Management service , it is not a database , it is a database management service and it manages database for user. It manages like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL server. IT updates the DB engine and security patches automatically.


  • Amazon Aurora : It is a datbase which is developed by Amazon itself  and it is included in RDS , it is a relational database which is also managed by RDS. Amazon aurora is basically bases on mysql . Amazon aurora is 5 times more faster than mysql.


  • DynamoDB :  DynamoDB is also a management service, but it manages non relational data bases for you, non realtional database mean no SQL databases , so if we have unstructured data that has to be stored in a database , we have to store it on non relational database and the non relational databases are managed by DynamoDB. DynamoDB is no sql database which also gets manage automatically. We do not need to specify the amount of space you need , in this the database automatically scale up , so manual intervention is not required.


  • ElasticCache : Elastic cache is a caching service which is used to setup manage and scale distributed environment in cloud , suppose we have an application , we query something from database , database process that query and intern gives you a result.


  • Redshift :  It is a dataware house service , it is a peta byte scale data ware house service, its get data feeded from RDS and from Dynamodb an it does Analysis on it , its and analysis tool.




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