AWS – Storage Services

There are some services in the Storage domain , these are as listed below :

  • S3 :  It stands for Simple storage service. It is an Object oriented file system which is basically means all the file which you are going to upload in S3 are objects and these objects have to be stored in the buckets , here we can consider bucket as a folder , the root folder has to be a bucket , you can not just upload file on to S3. You have to first create a bucket , inside this bucket there are some folder in which we are going to store the dat but the root folder is know as the bucket.


  • CloudFront :  CloudFront is that content delivery network, it is a caching service, suppose if user want to connect to the website which is very far from the users location , that website can be cache to the location near the user , from that location user can access the website , we are doing this because the response time became less, if we are using the website far from the server , you were getting latency arroung 0.7sec or 0.8sec , now with this caching you can get this website in 0.2sec , It is very huge if we compare it on global level.


  • Elastic Block Storage : Elastic block storage is basically HDD for EC2 instances. When we use EC2 instances , our operating system or softwares being stored somewhere , EC2 is backed by EBS , EBS acts as a Hard drive for EC2 and it can not be used independently , it has to be use with EC2 only , one EC2 instance can be connected to multiple EBS volumes but the vice versa is not true , one EBS volumes can not be connected to multiple EC2 instances.


  • Glacier :  Amazon Glacier is a data archiving service , basically when we have to back up data from S3 or EC2 instance , you can back it up on the Amazon Glacier , because they use magnetic tapes and the magnetic tapes are cheap and hence your data storage on Amazon Glacier becomes cheaper. We will store the data on Amazon Glacier which is not frequently used, Suppose we are in the hospital and we have to store the patient test cases  data and if the patient are not coming in the 6 month duration period we can store the test cases data on the Amazon Glacier. In case if the patient returns ,it can always be retrieved from Amazon Glacier. Since it is cheaper , the retrieval time is more compare it with S3 or EC2


  • Snowball : Snowball is way of transfer a data to AWS infrastructure or data back from AWS infrastructure. Suppose we have our data in the data center and the snowball device is connected to snowball data center and all of data is transfer to snowball device, now this snowball device is then shipped back by AWS to its  infrastructure and your data is uploaded .We will use this when we have large amount of data or peta byte scale of data.


  • Storage Gateway : Storage gateway is a service which is used between data center and the cloud. Suppose we have data base server and application servers , now the storage gateway sits in between you databases server and application server and it will keep on taking snapshots of your database and keep on storing it on S3.


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