Installation of Cent os 7

Today we are going to learn the installation of cent os 7 step by step. This is the tutorial for minimal installation of Cent os 7.

Step 1 :  Insert Cent OS install disk and start the Computer. Then, Following screen is displayed, Push Enter key to proceed.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-20-24


CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-22-01

Step 2 :  Now we are on the Language selection page, select the language according to the requirement and click Continue.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-24-04.png

Step 3 : This is the default screen for some basic configuration. First, set timezone, click the “DATE&TIME” icon.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-28-53

Step 4 : Click a point on the map you’d like to set your timezone and push “Done” button which is on the upper left.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-31-29

Step 5 :  Return back to the Default page and click on Installation Destination , it is for partitioning selection.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-41-27.png

If you’d like to customize partition layouts, check a box “I will configure partitioning” and proceed.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-41-54.png

Step 6 : Back to the default screen. click the “NETWORK & HOST NAME” icon

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-45-03

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-46-18.png

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-47-01.png

Now mention the host name & click Done.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-48-34

Step 7 : Now return to the Default Page and click on “Begin Installation” .

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-51-23.png

Step 8 : Installation starts and required to set root password and to create a common user. Click the each icon and move to configuration.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-52-24.png

Step 9 : Now set the root password and click  Done.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-53-20.png

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-11-54-37.png

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-12-03-38.png

Step 10 : After rebooting, login prompt is shown like follows. login with root user and password you set during installation. Installing CentOS completes if you can login normally.

CentOS 64-bit-2017-04-26-12-04-55

!!! Cent os 7 Installation completed successfully  !!!



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