Check Bandwidth in Linux Centos 7

Today we are going to learn how to check bandwidth in the linux.Here we are using the iperf utility to analyze the bandwidth.

Scenario : Here we need two machines to perform the task.

Server 1 : (

Client 1 : (

There are two machine one is client(Sender) and other is Server (Receiver).

Step 1 : Install iperf on server and client both

Server : [#] yum –enablerepo=epel -y install iperf3


Client : [#] yum –enablerepo=epel -y install iperf3


Step 2 : Now execute the iperf command to check whether serve port is listening or not.

[#] iperf3 -s


Step 3 : Check Network Bandwidth to execute the command like follows.
The example below shows that 2.33GBytes datas are transfered and the bandwidth was 2.00Gbits/sec.


Step 4 : There are some more options of iperf which are as below :





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