Initial Configuration after installing Windows Server 2012

After Installing Windows Server there are some requirement which we need to follow before processing further.

Enable Remote Desktop :

Step 1 : Open Server manager and on the right side Remote Desktop is Disable, so we need to enable it.


Step 2 : When we click on the Remote Desktop it will prompt the window of remote desktop , here we need to select Allow remote connection to this computer and click OK then click Apply.



Disable Windows firewall :

Step 1 : Open Server manager and on the right side click Windows Firewall , so we need to disable it.


Step 2 : It will prompt the Windows Firewall window, click on the left panel “Turn Windows Firewall on or off“.



Step 3 : Click OK to apply changes we just made.


Configure IP Address : 

Step 1: Press Windows+R, run windows will prompt and now type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.


Step 2 : Now Ethernet Adapter  Windows will open , right click on the adapter and open Properties.

Windows Server 2012-2017-03-01-16-00-17.png


Step 3 : Now double click on “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. And to set static ip click “Use the following ip address” or else leave as it is , if you want the DHCP ip address.

Windows Server 2012-2017-03-01-16-03-45.png


Step 4 : Now click OK.

NOTE : and are the google DNS default address.


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