Installation of Windows Server 2012

System Requirements to install windows server 2012

CPU socket
1.4 GHz (64-bit processor) or faster for single core

1.3 GHz (64-bit processor) or faster for multi-core

3.1 GHz (64-bit processor) or faster multi-core
Memory (RAM)
2 GB
8 GB
Hard disks and available storage space
160 GB hard disk with a 60 GB system partition

Installation Steps :

Step 1 : Insert the Windows Server CD/DVD . Select the DVD drive as the first boot priority to boot the Windows server 2012 .

Step 2 : After booting the Window will look like this ,


Step 3 : Select the Language and Time and currency format then click Next1

Step 4 : Click Install Now

Step 5 : There will be 4 types of installation listed as :

(a) Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation (Server Core Installation).

(b) Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation (Server with GUI).

(c) Windows Server 2012 Data centre Evaluation (Server core Installation).

(d) Windows Server 2012 Data centre Evaluation (Server with GUI)

Select the installation option according to the requirement. and click Next1

Step 5 : Click “I accept the Licence agreement”.

12 Step 6: There are two type operating system installation

(a) Upgrade : Install Windows and keep files, settings and applications -> It is basically selected when user already have a old windows server installed on your environment and want to  upgrade to Windows server 2012.

(b) Custom : Install Windows only -> It is basically selected when user want to install fresh Windows server.


Step 7 :  Select the Drive and click Drive Option(advance) and click NewSte12

Step 8 : Provide the hard disk space and click Apply and it prompt for confirmation and then click Next.



Step 9 : Now  Installation stated


Step 10 : Provide the effective Administrator Password and click Finish , after that unlock it by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL.


Step 11 : After the Login windows server , Server manager windows will automatically open on the Desktop, this Server manager  is basically used for managing the local server or the remote server with the help of one server.


Now Windows Server installed successfully…..!!!!!!


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