How to install VMware Workstation in Windows Operating System

Prerequisite for Installation of VMware workstation :

  • Operating System: Windows or Linux 64-bit

  • CPU:

    • To run 32-bit virtual machines: 64-bit; 1.3 GHz or higher

    • To run 64-bit virtual machines: the above requirements along with VT-x support if you have an Intel processor (make sure that it is enabled in the BIOS), or the above requirements along with long mode support if you have an AMD processor.

  • RAM: 1 GB is minimum, but 2 GB is recommended

  • GPU: at least a 16 or 32 bit display adapter (you probably have a 32-bit display adapter). If you want Windows Aero graphics to work in Windows virtual machines, then you should have either an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT graphics card or newer or an ATI Radeon HD 2600 graphics or newer.

  • HDD space: 3.5 GB is required to install the program alone, but virtual machines will take up even more space.

Installation of VMware in Windows Operating System

 Step 1 : Download the latest VMware workstation , to download please click here

 Step 2 : Go to download folder and double click on the set up file.


Step 3 : Now it will prompt for the administrator permission for installation of vmware workstation.


Step 4: Click Next  to dismiss the Welcome dialog box.


Step 5 : Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement option then click Next.


 Step 6 :  Select Typical option .


Step 7 : Choose the directory in which you want to install VMware Workstation. To install it into a directory other than the default one, click Change… and browse to the desired directory. After deciding on where to install VMware Workstation, click Next >.If you install VMware Workstation on a network drive, you cannot run it when the network drive is inaccessible.


Step 8 : Decide if you want VMware Workstation to check for updates every time it is opened, then click Next.


Step 9 : Close setup. Click the Finish button once setup completes its operations


VMware Installation Completed successfully….!!!!!


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