How to create virtual machine in VMware Workstation

Today we are going to lean how to create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation.

 Step 1 : Open VMware workstation


Step 2 : Start the New Virtual Machine Wizard. Choose File > New Virtual Machine to begin creating your virtual machine.


Step 3 : Choose the Typical virtual machine configuration option, then click Next


Step 4 : Select the installation media that you want to use to install the virtual machine’s operating system. Click Installer disc then select a disc drive if you have a physical setup disc inserted into your computer. If you have an ISO file (copy of a physical disc), click Installer disc image file (iso) then select it. Click Next > after choosing your options.If VMware cannot recognize which operating system the disc/ISO file is supposed to install, you may have to select it manually after performing this step.If VMware Workstation recognizes that the installation media you chose is for Windows XP or later, you might be asked to enter the product key (optional), username (required), and password (optional), and select the version of Windows to install (some Windows setup discs enable you to select one out of several versions of the operating system to install). After providing the information and selecting the version of Windows to be installed, click Next .


Step 5 : Name the virtual machine and choose a location to create the virtual machine in. If you want to change the directory that the virtual machine is to be installed in, click Browse… and select it, or edit the path manually. Click Next after choosing your options.


 Step 6 : Select the size that you want the virtual machine’s hard drive to be and click Next.


Step 7 : Click Finish to create the virtual machine.


Step 8 : Now click Customize Hardware and below windows will prompt.


Step 9 : Click on CD/DVD(SATA) and select Use ISO image file and Browse the iso image file of windows server.


Step 10 : Click OK to save the current setting.

Now Virtual machine is created successfully.


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